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NetApp Certified Support Engineer (NS0-194) exam

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15NetApp Certified Support EngineerLead4PassJune 27, 2022
New Question 1:

What is the minimum number of compute nodes required to run the NetApp Deployment Engine for NetApp HCI?

A. 2

B. 1

C. 3

D. 4


Correct Answer: A


New Question 2:


new ns0-194 dumps questions 2

Referring to the exhibit, which two components should be examined? (Choose two.)

A. cluster switches

B. SAS adapter

C. network interface card

D. disk


Correct Answer: BD

New Question 3:


What are two reasons to use VLANs in a NetApp storage solution? (Choose two.)

A. to isolate UDP traffic from TCP traffic

B. to isolate management traffic from other IP traffic

C. to isolate iSCSI traffic from NAS traffic

D. to isolate FC traffic from other IP traffic


Correct Answer: AC

New Question 4:


Which CIFS server configuration determines the domain controllers that a CIFS server uses?

A. site membership

B. enabled SMB versions

C. trusted domains

D. discovery mode


Correct Answer: A

New Question 5:


Which three techniques are used in ONTAP to improve storage efficiencies? (Choose three.)

A. compression

B. encryption

C. compaction


E. thin provisioning


Correct Answer: ACE


New Question 6:


You are working on a fabric MetroCluster. After a site failure, the plex starts to resync automatically to the aggregate mirror of Aggr1. The plex now shows a status of resyncing. During this process, you experience a slow resync of the SyncMirror plex.

In this scenario, how do you solve the problem?

A. Add more disks to the aggregate to add more I/O capacity.

B. Destroy and re-create plex, then run a baseline sync.

C. Tune the resync speed by adding a QoS policy and limit the concurrent I/O to the aggregate.

D. Tune the resync speed using the storage raid-options command.


Correct Answer: C


New Question 7:


A disaster causes a FlexGroup volume to be unrecoverable, but it was protected by a SnapMirror relationship. You solve the issue, and the source is operational. Now, you want to return to serving the data from the original source. In this scenario, what do you do next?

A. Initialize the SnapMirror relationship.

B. Restore data from a backup copy.

C. Perform a SnapMirror update.

D. Delete the SnapMirror relationship.


Correct Answer: A


New Question 8:


new ns0-194 dumps questions 8

new ns0-194 dumps questions 8-1

new ns0-194 dumps questions 8-2

Which type of MetroCluster is shown in the exhibit?

A. 2-node stretch MetroCluster

B. 4-node MetroCluster IP

C. 4-node Fabric-Attached MetroCluster

D. 4-node stretch MetroCluster


Correct Answer: C

New Question 9:


You have determined that an SFP+ has failed on one of your storage controllers.

In this scenario, what do you use to determine which SFP+ should be replaced by NetApp Support?

A. NetApp Active IQ

B. Interoperability Matrix Tool

C. NetApp Documentation Center

D. Hardware Universe


Correct Answer: D

New Question 10:


You have an ONTAP 2-node cluster. You run a read/write test workload against an SMB share, and it is slower than you expected. You run the same test again, but this time you monitor the storage using a QoS command.

new ns0-194 dumps questions 10

Referring to the exhibit, what is the problem?

A. There is a disk bottleneck.

B. An HA interconnect problem is present.

C. The SMB read sizes should be increased.

D. The NVRAM needs to be replaced.


Correct Answer: B

New Question 11:


You have a 4-node MetroCluster system. A node needs to be taken down for maintenance, but all data needs to remain online. In this scenario, what should you do to bring down a single node?

A. Perform an HA takeover of the node.

B. Perform a MetroCluster switchover.

C. Disable HA on each side of the MetroCluster.

D. Perform an aggregate relocation of the CFO aggregates on the node.


Correct Answer: A

New Question 12:


How many drive bays does a DS4246 shelf have?

A. 42

B. 12

C. 46

D. 24


Correct Answer: D


New Question 13:


You received the “CLUSTER ERROR: DISK/SHELF COUNT MISMATCH” AutoSupport message from an ONTAP cluster.

When analyzing this message, which two should be inspected? (Choose two.)

A. drive paths

B. IOM firmware

C. drive firmware

D. SAS cabling


Correct Answer: AC

New Question 14:


new ns0-194 dumps questions 14

In the AFF A200 shown in the exhibit, which port is a CNA port?

A. |0|0|

B. e0c/0c

C. e0a

D. 0a


Correct Answer: B


New Question 15:


Which two statements describe ONTAP NVRAM? (Choose two.)

A. ONTAP NVRAM is used as a reading cache.

B. ONTAP NVRAM stores uncommitted writes.

C. ONTAP NVRAM is used as a write cache.

D. ONTAP NVRAM is battery-backed.


Correct Answer: BC



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