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NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP (NS0-184) exam

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15NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAPLead4PassOct 8, 2022
New Question 1:

What should you do to change the data protocol of a LIF?

A. Delete and re-recreate the LIF.

B. Add the new data protocol to the LIF.

C. Put the LIF in another broadcast domain.

D. Shut down the assigned port.


Correct Answer: A


New Question 2:


You are preparing for the installation of a new 2-node cluster with ONTAP 9.7 using NL-SAS drives. Your customer wants to use the cluster exclusively with FlexGroups.

In this scenario, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

A. All NL-SAS drives are assigned only to one of the nodes.

B. A NAS protocol is licensed on both nodes.

C. A SAN protocol is licensed on both nodes.

D. All NL-SAS drives are divided evenly across both nodes.


Correct Answer: BD


New Question 3:


You are a NetApp Professional Services engineer, employed by NetApp. You have just completed an ONTAP cluster installation. You need to collect the relevant configuration information to enable the Service Event Report (SER) to be created.

Which tool would you use to accomplish this task?

A. Active IQ scheduled reports

B. NetAppDocs output report

C. ONTAP System Manager

D. Active IQ Config Advisor worksheet


Correct Answer: A

New Question 4:


What is the default shelf ID for disk shelves with IOM12 modules?

A. 12

B. 01

C. 10

D. 00


Correct Answer: D


New Question 5:


After completing the installation of an AFF A800 ONTAP AI cluster, you are asked which contacts are available for additional help in obtaining immediate assistance in solving P1 issues.

In this scenario, what do you tell the customer?

A. Contact NetApp Support using chat.

B. Use Guided Problem Solving.

C. Contact NetApp Support by telephone.

D. Use the NetApp KB TV channel.


Correct Answer: C

New Question 6:


A storage administrator is trying to upgrade a pair of FAS2520s with internal SATA storage to a new 2node FAS8300 cluster. The storage administrator wants to preserve the existing data.

In this scenario, which two capabilities are available to the storage administrator? (Choose two.)

A. the ability to move the volumes from the old nodes to the new nodes

B. the ability to pull out the tray of internal disks of the FAS2520s and reseat the tray in the internal storage of the FAS8300s

C. the ability to create a 4-node MetroCluster across the four nodes

D. the ability to convert the FAS2520s to disk shelves and attach them to the new nodes


Correct Answer: CD

New Question 7:


You need to install a cluster with a FAS2720 HA pair and a FAS8300 HA pair.

Which NetApp tool will verify which cluster interconnect switches support this configuration?

A. Active IQ Config Advisor

B. Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT)

C. Hardware Universe (HWU)

D. site


Correct Answer: C


New Question 8:


When you install a new ONTAP 9.7 4-node cluster, which network type is required?

A. data network

B. peering network

C. cluster interconnect

D. intercluster network


Correct Answer: C


New Question 9:


You are planning to install a new ONTAP 9.7 All SAN Array (ASA) into your existing data center.

In this scenario, which cluster configuration is allowed with ASA controllers?

A. Add the ASA controllers to an existing 4-node cluster with NAS licenses.

B. ASA controllers can only be added to clusters that have existing SAN licenses.

C. ASA controllers can only be installed as a standalone HA pair.

D. Add the ASA controllers to an existing 10-node cluster.


Correct Answer: B

New Question 10:


You are installing a new ONTAP 9.7 cluster and attaching the cluster to two separate networks. Your customer has indicated that the same range of client IP addresses are used on both networks and that the networks are never allowed to communicate with each other.

In this scenario, which ONTAP feature must be configured to securely allow all clients to access ONTAP NAS protocols?


B. broadcast domains

C. routing

D. IPspaces


Correct Answer: B

Reference: (9)

New Question 11:


You are adding new controllers to an existing cluster. As part of the upgrade process, you have updated the BES-53248 cluster switches.

In this scenario. Which two commands would you use to verify a healthy cluster after the upgrade? (Choose two.)

A. network port show -ipspace Cluster

B. network interface show -vserver Cluster

C. network device-discovery show -protocol cdp

D. network interface show -vserver Cluster -fields auto-revert


Correct Answer: AB


New Question 12:


Click the Exhibit button.

new ns0-194 dumps questions 12

You plan to install a new ONTAP cluster at a customer site by using the new ONTAP System Manager 9.7 GUI.

Referring to the exhibit, what must you do before you provision initial storage?

A. Configure cluster LIFs.

B. Configure protocols.

C. Configure a remote tier.

D. Configure aggregates.


Correct Answer: D

New Question 13:


Click the Exhibit button.

new ns0-184 dumps questions 13

You are installing a new FAS cluster. The management network must be on tagged VLAN 11 for remote administration by a service provider.

Referring to the exhibit, which two ports will allow service provider access to both cluster and node management LIFs? (Choose two.)

A. e0M

B. e0b-11

C. e0a-11

D. e0M-11


Correct Answer: AD

New Question 14:


You are installing a new AFF A400 cluster for a customer. The customer indicates that they want to take advantage of AutoSupport On Demand.

In this scenario, which AutoSupport transport protocol must you use?






Correct Answer: D

Reference: (9)

New Question 15:


You have an AFF A400 cluster that is running ONTAP 9.7 software. You are asked to set up FlexCache for

NFS volumes.

In this scenario, which statement is correct when implementing FlexCache?

A. A capacity license is required.

B. A subscription license is required.

C. A site license is required.

D. No license is required.


Correct Answer: A

Reference: (27)


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