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NetApp Certified Technology Associate ns0-002 exam

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15NetApp Certified Technology AssociateLead4PassFeb 21, 2022
New Question 1:

Which three public cloud providers are supported when you deploy NetApp Private Storage (NPS)? (Choose three.)

A. Amazon Web Services

B. Rackspace

C. Microsoft Azure

D. Adobe Cloud

E. Google Cloud


Correct Answer: ACE

New Question 2:


Which NetApp service protects Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams workloads?

A. NetApp SaaS Backup

B. NetApp SnapMirror

C. NetApp Snapshot

D. NetApp Cloud Backup Service


Correct Answer: A

New Question 3:


What are two optional nodes in StorageGRID? (Choose two.)

A. archive node

B. API gateway node

C. admin node

D. cloud service node


Correct Answer: AB

New Question 4:


What are two methods to subscribe to Cloud Insights? (Choose two.)

A. NetApp Cloud Central

B. NetApp Sales

C. NetApp Support Site

D. AWS Marketplace


Correct Answer: BD

New Question 5:


Which three topics does data compliance cover? (Choose three.)

A. business policies

B. cloud provider policies

C. hardware lifecycle management

D. legal requirements

E. regulatory requirements


Correct Answer: BCD

New Question 6:


What are three pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) licenses for Cloud Volume ONTAP? (Choose three.)

A. Cloud Volumes ONTAP Bring Your Own License (BYOL)

B. Cloud Volumes ONTAP Services

C. Cloud Volumes ONTAP Premium

D. Cloud Volumes ONTAP Explore

E. Cloud Volumes ONTAP Standard


Correct Answer: CDE

New Question 7:


What is the primary interface to manage a NetApp HCI cluster?

A. VMware vCenter

B. OnCommand System Manager

C. OnCommand Unfired Manager

D. VMware Horizon


Correct Answer: A

New Question 8:


What are the two functions of FlexGroup volumes? (Choose two.)

A. massive capacity

B. ability to hold LUNs

C. nondisruptive scale out

D. ideal for small workloads


Correct Answer: BC

New Question 9:


Which two resources are provisioned when you deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Azure? (Choose two.)

A. Azure Queue Storage

B. Azure Files

C. Azure Blob

D. Azure Managed Disks


Correct Answer: BC

New Question 10:


What is a group of one or more containers in a Kubernetes cluster?

A. helm

B. pilot

C. node

D. pod


Correct Answer: D

New Question 11:


You are currently performing all the important administrator and maintenance tasks for your system, and need to delegate work to the staff so that you can attend to other issues.

Which approach will you take to ensure that your systems are safe?

A. Provide all users with power user access.

B. Employ mandatory integrity control.

C. Provide all users with administrator access.

D. Employ the principle of least privilege.


Correct Answer: C

New Question 12:


Which service does Cloud Volumes ONTAP tiering use?

A. Azure Blob

B. Azure Queue Storage

C. Azure Data Lake Storage

D. Azure Stack


Correct Answer: A

New Question 13:


Which two hypervisors are supported for use with ONTAP Select? (Choose two.)

A. Hyper-V

B. Solaris




Correct Answer: CD

New Question 14:


What is the logically isolated network that you create in Amazon Web Services (AWS) to be used with Cloud Volumes ONTAP?

A. Virtual Storage Area Network (VSAN)

B. Virtual Network (VNet)

C. Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN)

D. Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)


Correct Answer: D

New Question 15:


Your company wants to use the public cloud for data analytics and they want to use the most competitive cloud provider at any given time.

A. Cloud Volumes ONTAP

B. NetApp HCI

C. Azure NetApp Files

D. NetApp Private Storage


Correct Answer: D


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